DO NOT ENTER if temperature is above 40.0°C

LIMIT each Spa use to 15 minutes and cool down before re-entry

Please SHOWER with soap and water before entering the spa

Please use the toilet BEFORE entering the Spa

Enter and Exit the Spa SLOWLY

ABSOLUTELY NO Jumping or Diving into the Spa

STRICTLY NO Food or Glass near the Spa.  Plastic cups are provided

DO NOT USE if under the influence of Alcohol, Narcotics or Medication

Young Children, the elderly and pregnant women SHOULD NOT use the Spa

Anyone with heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure conditions or any serious illness should consult their doctor BEFORE using the Spa

TURN OFF Jets after use and replace cover.  Use cover locks where provided 

PLEASE do not use oils or soaps in the Spa

Bathing suits MUST be worn on the decking and in the Spa

PLEASE DO NOT undertake any sexual activity in the Spa

Children MUST be accompanied by an adult in the Spa at all times 

PLEASE DO NOT change the preset controls on the Spa

DO NOT use the Spa if you have suffered Vomiting or Diarrhea in previous 24hrs

NO Animals in the Spa at ANY time